Review of Tainted Crimson

Review of 'Tainted Crimson' by Tarisa Marie
5/5 Stars

Author: Tarisa Marie
Pages: 320 (Paperback)
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Price: $ 16.15 

Nothing has ever been quite ordinary for Ariella Malgrovech. At four years old she witnessed her mother’s surreal murder, and then years later on her eighteenth birthday, while attending her high school prom, her school catches aflame with her father trapped inside. With both of these tragedies come unexplainable supernatural circumstances. The series of unfortunate events that seemingly make up Ariella’s life, manifest into millions of questions that desperately crave answers. Soon does she not only receive the answers she seeks, but she discovers that the world around her isn’t as she’s always thought it was–supernatural creatures exist among humans and her own father is one of them. What does that make her? Trust turns to betrayal and knowledge turns to danger in this thrilling paranormal romance as Ariella ventures out into a world where witches, vampires, and immortals exist among humans, and a power hungry witch is out to kidnap her and force her to become as dark and wicked as he is. Will love prevail or will it be her undoing?                                           

I´m really in love with the way Tarisa Marie is writing with. First I thought ´okay, I actually know that her father is going to die and the whole story is about Ariella finding out about the supernatural stuff´. There are also some spelling mistakes but they aren’t that bad and you can see that the author was a little bit inspired by famous paranormal stories.  But I haven’t expected that the story is that fascinating and all the stuff act like that. I can’t write that much without any spoilers so… Ariella is an honest young girl, which makes her really sympathetic and easy to believe her. And I’m in love with Daymon since he knocked on her door. They’re both kinda funny and sometimes sarcastic which I’m really a fan of. Also I’m glad that there is no love triangle because that’s in every second book the case.  

 So in my Opinion the book is a total success and I can’t wait for ‘Tainted Heart’. 
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