Review of 'Tainted Heart'

Review of 'Tainted Heart' by Tarisa Marie

"Death is nothing to fear. It's living that you should be most afraid of. Time teaches you this."

5/5 Stars
Author: Tarisa Marie
Pages: 270
Price: $ 11.49
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

 Taking sanctuary with an ancient race of powerful immortals unveils a far deadlier war than the one we seek sanctuary from. With this new war comes knowledge. The first thing we learn—never trust the Tario, even if they’re your own blood. People we thought were dead are suddenly turning up alive. Everything we seem to know about ourselves and our existence is now being questioned. The survival of the supernatural races rests solely on a young boy and a knife.

What happens when the love of your life gives into his darkness and the only person who can bring him back is your enemy? What happens when the one you love kills hundreds of innocent people? Can you still love them? Loved ones will fall. Who will win the war? And at what cost? War…Betrayal…Lies…and death are thrown together in this thrilling sequel to Tainted Crimson. 

The second novel of The Tainted Series has been as fascinating as the first one! First I was a bit confused, because I didn’t get all of the Tario stuff but after a few more pages it was easy to understand. I don’t like Tarisa Marie for killing that much people you like but unfortunately every second author is doing that… Also she made me cry at the end of the book, as I read Daymons letter. I really like Tyler because he is funny and not shy or anything like this. Baylon is also kinda nice. First I wasn’t sure if I can trust her and that was so confusing because she told Ariella by herself that she shouln’t trust a Tario. 

 So like I already mentioned  the second book was also a success and I'm looking forward to read ‘Tainted Magic’.

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