Review of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'

Review of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' by J.K. Rowling

"It does not to dwell on dreams and forget to live"

5/5 Stars 

Author: Joanne K. Rowling
Pages: 332
Price: £6.99
Publisher: Bloomsbury 

Harry Potter, an orphan who lives with his uncle Vernon, his aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley Dursley is an eleven years old boy. His parents were murdered about ten years ago by the dark wizard Voldemord and Harry, who mysteriously survived, kept a lightning-bold-scar on his forehead as a reminder. Harry’s uncle and aunt don’t like him at all. Every time when it’s possible they act like he didn’t exist. A few days before Harry turns eleven some mysterious letters start dropping on the doormat of their house. They are addressed to Harry with a strange green ink! Because his uncle doesn’t allow him to open them a great beetle-eyed giant named Hagrid comes to take Harry to Hogwarts. Harry, who has never even heard of Hogwarts, is now going to the greatest school of witchcraft and wizardry!  He finds some friends (and enemies) fast and soon the adventures begin. Something which is hidden in the school is planned to be stolen! Harry and his friends are trying to figure out by whom and how to stop this. During his first year in Hogwarts he has to deal with a three-headed dog, a troll, a life-size chess board, annoying classmates and more mysterious things. Also Harry has his first fly ever on a broomstick and plays Quidditch!

I read this book now for the third time (twice in German and once in English) and I find the story still wonderful. Joanne K. Rowling isn’t called the “God of Writing” without any reason. The world she created is amazing. Hogwarts, where the story takes place mainly, is far away from any technology. Everything works with magic and is fascinating as well. The Characters are designed perfectly. Harry was sympathetic from the beginning. Also Ron, Hermione and all the other characters are definitely made with love. The story is written well so I was able to read it fluently without any struggles and I was able to visualize all the situations in my head. I guess this is possible because it’s a book for children. Harry and his friends have to deal with a big mission which includes some tasks where I, the reader, couldn’t stop to solve the puzzle. Every time I read the book I find new things which I didn’t noticed the times before.

I can recommend this book to everyone. Yeah, really everyone! Harry Potter and the world which belongs to this is a must and I haven’t read the book for the last time!


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