Review of 'The Lost Code'

Review of 'The Lost Code - Book one of the Atlanteans' by Kevin Emerson

"History is always written to serve the powerful"

4/5 Stars

Author: Kevin Emerson
Pages: 464
Price: $ 9.94
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Kevin Emerson’s The Lost Code, first in the Alanteans series, tells the story of a near-future earth ravaged by global climate change. Owen Parker is about to learn that it isn’t the first time the planet has been near destruction. Owen’s ancestors were part of an ancient race whose advanced technology once almost destroyed the world.
With the help of a mysterious, enchanting girl named Lily, Owen will have to understand his history and his genetic code to prevent global annihilation. He will also have to leave the bio-dome that keeps him safe and brave the post-apocalyptic wasteland beyond.


In my opinion the book isn’t as great as others but I still like it. I imagined the protagonist in a different way than the guy on the cover looks like so the cover was a bit strange… But the content of the book is great. After Owen drowned he discovers a few slots on his neck. And I think almost everyone of us can imagine now what it is. Owen actually needs about 100 pages to find this out. He always imagines little technicians in his head which navigate him and things like this. This idea remembers me to the movie ‘Inside Out’ and because I like the movie I like the idea in the book as well. Also there are lots of similarities to the ‘Percy Jackson’ books. After Owen changes he gets some skills which are similar to the ones of Percy. What I really liked is that the author mentions how we destroy our world. The whole story happens after the climate change went so far that it is hardly possible to live on the earth. But the people still keep on living as the world isn’t going to be destroyed completely.
All in one I read the book in 2 days and can totally recommend it to everyone.

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