Review of 'The Dark Shore'

Review of 'The Dark Shore - The Atlanteans 2' by Kevin Emerson

"Beware the gods and their horors"


Author: Kevin Emerson
Pages: 461
Price: $4.61
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

In this book, Owen, Lilly, and Leech have escaped Camp Eden, but the next step on their journey to find Atlantis and protect it from Paul and Project Elysium involves crossing the perilous wastelands of a wrecked planet. And unlike in EdenWest, where bloody truths were kept hidden beneath the surface, out here, the horrors live bright beneath the poisonous sun.


I liked the second book of the series not as much as the first one. The plot was a bit irritating because there was something in it which turned out to be little spoiler. The book was thrilling starting at the first page. After about 100 pages it was less thrilling but it was still not that boring. I like it a lot that Owen and Leech are friends or something like this now. And there are some new characters in the story and I like some more and some less. But some of them have 2 sides of being so I wasn’t quite sure what to think about them…
Also we learn more about the south of Eden which is kinda strange because I thought all the time of the western Eden and compared both of them. Also Victoria, one of the new characters, compares something with “Lord of the Rings” and this was irritating because in none of the book was something which pointed to our present world.
In the end the book gets thrilling again. But I don’t like the actual ending because there happen some things which I don’t like at all. I can recommend this book to everyone who did like the first book and wants to know what happens to Owen, Lilly and Leech.

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