Review of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'

Review of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' by J. K. Rowlingt

"Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery"

5/5 Stars

Author: J. K. Rowling
Pages: 617
Price: £ 3.85
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

The Triwizard Tournament is to be held at Hogwarts. Only wizards who are over seventeen are allowed to enter - but that doesn't stop Harry dreaming that he will win the competition. Then at Hallowe'en, when the Goblet of Fire makes its selection, Harry is amazed to find his name is one of those that the magical cup picks out. He will face death-defying tasks, dragons and Dark wizards, but with the help of his best friends, Ron and Hermione, he might just make it through - alive!

„Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire“ is in my opinion one of the best books of the Harry Potter Series. Even when I read the book before, reading it was still a great pleasure! In this book the schoolish stuff wasn’t the main factor because the Triwizard Tournament takes place at Hogwarts. Thus we have lot of thrill, mysteries and lot of variety in it.
Quidditch also isn’t the main part of the book and just appears in the beginning of it. But nevertheless we can feel the rivalries of the students of Gryffindor and Slytherin. And of course we ask ourselves: who is the villain this time?
Now we finally get closer to the students of the other houses as well because the tournament connects all of them in a certain way.
And not to forget: There is a new teacher for defense against the dark arts who is quite strange but I won’t say more. Make your own picture of him :)
But what I can definitely say is, that EVERYBODY has to read this book!
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