Review of 'About a Boy'

Review of 'About a Boy' by Nick Hornby

"England, the world, the universe"

3/5 Stars

Author: Nick Hornby
Pages: 336
Price: Depending
Publisher: Riverhead Books
Will Freeman may have discovered the key to dating success: If the simple fact that they were single mothers meant that gorgeous women – women who would not ordinarily look twice a Will – might not only be willing, but enthusiastic about dating him, then he was really onto something. Single mothers – bright, attractive, available women – thousands of them, were all over London. He just had to find them.

SPAT: Single Parents – Alone Together. It was a brilliant plan. And Will wasn’t going to let the fact that he didn’t have a child himself hold him back. A fictional two-year-old named Ned wouldn’t be the first thing he’d invented. And it seems to go quite well at first, until he meets an actual twelve-year-old named Marcus, who is more than Will bargained for…


The book wasn’t really bad but kinda strange. The chapters either deal with Marcus or Will.
Reading the book I was annoyed by Will almost the entire time because I hate it when men are sexists and just keen on women and so on.
Marcus is also weird. I feel sorry for him because he has no friends and he has no easy cards with his mother as well, but nevertheless he acts strange and is strange at all.
The character match with each other and you can read the book fluently but most of the story was predictable and very few things did surprise me.
So I won’t read that book again but for younger ones this could be a nice book.

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